Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Limited!! So Hurry!

"Tell me more...."

Here's how to do it!  Visit our Paul Penders page, and then just click on the orange 'discount' button.  You will be prompted to sign up, which only takes a few moments, and then all you have to do is click on any Social Saver discount buttons on our website - send the message (or your own) to your social media pages,  and you will receive a 'pop up' box with a discount code which you can use on selected brands or products. Once you have signed up with Social-Savers you will also find lots of other offers too from other businesses, so you only have to sign up the once.

Time Limited!! So Hurry!
Please note that the above Paul Penders offer IS time limited and expires on the last day of February.  We will continue to work with Social-Savers but future offers may not be quite so generous.  So go on - tell all your friends!

Many of our existing customers pass on our details to their friends anyway, and often we do not have the opportunity to reward their loyalty or even thank them, so I do hope this will go a small way to extending our thanks to you all!

As usual, please do feel free to ring us if you have any queries at all especially as Social Savers is a new concept so a few teething problems are inevitable I am sure!

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