Wednesday, January 18, 2012

See more poor clothes

See more poor clothes!

With a few tricks that may seem to be weaker than the tiny. Here are the tactics that would work too ...
Among girls | Giydiklerinle weaker see!
among girls

Wear dark colors!
Color selection is very important. Black, brown, navy blue, dark colors such as midnight blue is always the weaker shows you!

Stay away from patterns
Flower and polka-dot pattern, a very fashionable this year. But I have bad news, the patterns, colors, and cross-striped robes of garishly colored people always show more overweight.

Make a good choice of fabric
Their weight does not cover hard and solid fabrics. Makes them even more apparent. So every time a light, soft fabrics and prefer floating body.

According to yapına Body Wear
If you have wide shoulders, stay away from vatkalardan. In addition to boat and choose to wear a round collar. If you are pear vücutluysan, ie, the top weight to hips, gathered round, hollow sections of the collar, solid color for the bottom of the skirts or trousers are not very narrow select. To camouflage large hips and thighs, pleated, shirred waist and are used in casual skirts and pants. Basenlerini more if you want to camouflage, skirts and pants after wearing a blouse or tunic put on long enough to cover her hips.

Shoe selection
Stay away from flat sandals and high heeled shoes and put on Babet. Wear what you want to wear a 5-cm heel will show more subtle.

Go to the attention of makeup
Small make-up tricks, such as the shape of the face can show more inceymiş. A dark shade under the cheekbones for it to do fondötenle enough.

Stopping the difference
First of all, learn to stand upright! Think you are pulling up a rope and the emotion in the beginning of the stance adopted meat. Every time his shoulders behind, holding her stomach in. Walk away.


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