Saturday, February 4, 2012

change eye color

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Would you like to get the lens using a blue-brown eyes? A new laser is no longer possiblepermanent eye color change ...

Wrinkle forehead, as projections of the foot bones of the human body is now the target ofeach hand instead of the color of eyes who have plastic surgery.

According to the Daily Mail, needles and scalpels, the new method, using the actual lasereye color to blue within a few weeks turned into coffee.

Announcing that he holds a patent for the method based in California Medical's founder,Dr. Stroma. Gregg Homer, says the technology is completely safe.

If the tests carried out on people and companies yaşanmazsa problem finds an investment of close to 30 million pounds within 18 months of the method will be available in many parts of the world.

Health regulations are more stringent than the 2015 will be realized in the United Kingdom and the United States.


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