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What is Hypertension?What are the causes and symptoms of hypertension?Hypertension How is it treated?Must know what?
High blood pressure (hypertension), all the world as a serious threat to human and social health, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure leading to fatal consequences, such as a dangerous and widespread disease. There is a close relationship between blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The higher the blood pressure, heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, eye and also the higher risk of developing kidney disease.Complaints it generates faint, very low or nonexistent. Therefore, the "silent killer" is called.Only half of those with hypertension are aware of diseases, drug use, only half were aware of those, who are using drugs, but half of the blood pressure under control. One out of every 3-5 Turkey suffer from high blood pressure.However, high blood pressure, diagnosis and treatment of a disease easier. Many deaths caused by high blood pressure, can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment. The important thing is to make the disease is very important to accept and what should be done.

Target organs of hypertension: The veins (particularly heart blood vessels), kidneys, heart, eye and brain. Blood vessels to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is caused by the development of stenosis and obstruction causes, kidney failure and leads to further damage the kidneys, heart muscle thickening, and heart failure, hypertensive retinopathy in the eyes leading to blindness, brain hemorrhage, and as a result of the stroke (a stroke) can cause.

What is high blood pressure?
Blood pressure, blood vessels owned in the pressure. This is an upper pressure limit (upper or systolic blood pressure), and a lower limit (small or diastolic blood pressure) are.High blood pressure in the emergence of this pressure to threaten human health.
Normal blood pressure is normally a small blood pressure 80 mm Hg (mercury) 's (or 8), large blood pressure (systolic pressure) and 120 mm Hg (or 12) below. Large blood pressure 140 mm Hg, 90 mm Hg in persons over the small blood pressure, high blood pressure or hypertension is considered as definitive. However, the upper limits accepted as normal in patients with diabetes 130/80 mmHg.
In those without diabetes, a large blood pressure between 120-139, diastolic 80-89 mm of mercury in high blood pressure among the candidates for these people.

Appropriate measurement conditions (see: How Let's measure) great (systolic) blood pressure, 140, small (diastolic) blood pressure of 90 mmHg or more, it is diagnosed hypertension.

Situation in Turkey:
Turkish Society of Hypertension and Kidney Diseases in 2003, "Turkish Hypertension Prevalence Study" regarding health problems caused by the disease frequency, and showed significant results. Hypertension is the most comprehensive study to date on the following striking data were obtained:
31.8% incidence of hypertension in Turkey is. One of every three people in our country suffer from hypertension, ie Turkey, in other words, there are approximately 15 million patients with hypertension.38% had a diagnosis of hypertension previously diagnosed as having hypertension, 62% for the first time he learned that during this study were hypertensive. Accordingly, 2 of every 3 people with hypertension, hypertensive throughout the country was not aware of.Hypertension is more common in women. 27.5% for men and 36.1% of women were found as often is.The ratio of patients with hypertension and normal blood pressure is adequately controlled only 21%. This also, 5 hipertansiften in 4 of blood pressure control does show not been sufficient.Detected in the urine and blood analysis in individuals with hypertension, 27.4% third of which is an indicator of kidney damage, "microalbuminuria" was the existence of. The underlying cause of the detection of renal damage in one of every three hipertansiften, hypertension, and late enough to be noticed tutulmamasıdır under control.These data are important in our society must be given to diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is one of the major health problems in the show.

Let's measure how?
See Frequently Asked Questions / How to measure blood pressure?
See: Vital INDICATORS / Blood Pressure

White Shirt with hypertension
For some people, despite normal tensions measured in the home environment, health care provider, health care providers or doctors' measurements may be high. We call it the "white coat hypertension" call. Although not as persistent hypertension, white shirt with high blood pressure can cause problems. This kind of tension in their daily lives of those who determine whether you have normal blood pressure, hypertension, so to separate permanent "continuous blood pressure measurement system (ABPM)" is available.However, your doctor will make appropriate recommendations.


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