Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Discovered by the Minister of Health Ahmed, the objectives of the Ministry, is to provide continuous health service to citizens across the country said.

Revealed, the country that they strive to reach every corner of the health services, 112 emergency services, the establishment of the center to remote locations, said that health centers are provided with opportunities to citizens.

Discovered by Ahmed, visited the Karpas Peninsula Health quarries, listened to citizens' problems.

Director of Ministerial visits to Kâşif'e Özkıran Hope, Director of Primary Health Care, was accompanied by Hatice useful.

Discovered by Health Minister Ahmet scaffold, respectively, soldier, and the Karpas Health Yenierenköy visited quarries. Explorer, visits the ongoing construction of the new Health Care Center İskele also gathered information about the work.

Revealed last week, the 112 emergency ambulances donated by Turkey Ministry of Health was given one of the Yenierenköy'e; the next setting, which will be given to the other 112 Emergency Ambulanslarının in the region said the other health centers. (TLC)


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