Monday, September 20, 2010

Hymen general information

the ruptured hymen (burst), and how not to find them.? your partner not trust? Tell yourself you'll want to know.
In the first entry of the vagina hymen is located in one or two centimeters behind. Dokya hymen usually has a thin. Here are several reasons that the hymen. Against infection is known to steal from the outside, or just as a tissue remains. It is very important for some people, for whom the only ZAR.
Does the hymen to everyone? No, the hymen is not available to everyone, people are not born of the hymen.
How can the hymen distortions: not only tear during the relationship, not used hereketlenmelerde eg gymnastics, aerobic movements or accidents, falls are the tears.
The hymen can be spontaneous? Absolutely not, edilenebilinir repaired by a gynecologist. Re-erected by the gynecologist.
Does the hymen is sewn to understand? certainly understood by your partner during the relationship. The blood will come again.
Get how much relationship experience
lived hymen, how you bear a child if the birth decent repair the hymen.
Zaru is done by the experts of maiden gynecologist and is painless. Is short and simple operation. Varies between 10 to 30 minutes. After the hymen after surgery can easily make your power to your business.
Your hymen can see the proper position with the help of mirrors, but I
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Only women can make birth control of pain specialists is painless.