Monday, September 20, 2010

Almond borax wax WHiTE SOAP Rosemary WALNUT OiL BENEFiTS

Sweet almond oil, is the oldest cosmetic materials. Facial spots, blackheads and enlarged pores due to dry skin and scales is to have many benefits. Almond oil for cleaning the skin and makeup can be used for cleaning. The oil softens the skin. Particularly sensitive to small volumes is recommended.
Yellow substance produced by bees, this does not spoil easily. As many cleansing and moisturizing cream wax is located in the emulation. In very hot weather also kept away to soften the wax which is used in creams. For these materials become harder in the winter should be a small amount of cream.

Olive oil is made.

 pure white soap is real and odorless. Does not wear his hair like shampoo
Rosemary bran destroys the vitality and shine to hair
gives.Hair 's help to grow. layouts. rosemary blood circulation but also when used in bath water gives the body vitality. Vitality and shine to lifeless skin lotion winning. Rosemary cold feet is good for edema. Rosemary, thyme boiled in a similar time compact pores in the refrigerator for a week to keep Used.Rosemary lotion. To ensure efficiency of lotion should be used every day for a while.
These alkaline substances found in lakes and coastal areas will not dry the skin. In hair shampoos, lotions, creams, moisturizers, etc. ... in this article alır.oil disinfects the skin.
lime softening water makes the task. The final washing of the hair to the small amount of borax is added to the water. Borax also has astringent properties, does not irritate the skin.
Such as almond oil, walnut oil, almond oil skin cream instead
nourish . one so you can put the walnut oil.
Live your hair to look shiny
If you want almonds natural cosmetic oil stains is a product s a black point to clean the pores with wax oil, walnut oil, borax is added emulation is done. The almond cream. These substances are the substances needed for the skin, extremely. Borax is used for water yumşatmak limy. To tighten the skin, rosemary rosemary water, skin lotion that will show bright and lively fruit, medicinal plants which are shed.


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