Monday, September 20, 2010

Herbs from a good DISEASE Seborrhea Dermatitis

Seborrhea dermatitis is a disease? Although not a common disease of country Turkey to find ways of solution to reach and we are with all of our recommendations. Human health comes first. Medicinal plants, fruits, herbs for health should consume. Medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables we should eat at all times. Pure state of nature with us, come clean with us our health is a pure state.
secreting  gland disease as a result of oil, more oil than it should be the result of releasing a kind of skin disease.
a) a cup of olive oil heated up by adding a rough night
are waiting. And are laid. Enough ginger or a piece of cotton cloth with the help of problem applies to the region.
b) stinging nettle, rose, akhuş tree, burdock, violas by adding five cups of water boiled in a pot. After being bathed by warm to apply. Or a piece of cotton with the required area is applied.


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