Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stronger Plus Make Date

How Breast Milk Art? What are the benefits of breast milk? What are the foods that increase breast milk? Breast milk, nitrates, fatty acids, calories, vitamins, some minerals rich in elements such as nutrient basis. No artificial mixture is reported to not take the place of breast milk. On the other hand, breast milk leads to the formation of the immune system in infants. Depending on the antibody content rich especially in the early days of lactation supports the baby's defenses against external factors. However, a variety of psychological, physiological or pathological factors can be prevented from occurring in the mother's milk is not enough results. In such cases should be tried to increase breast milk. * Drink plenty of water. You should drink 3 liters a day. * Fenugreek Seed consume. Steroidal structure contained in the (di- OSG's) to induce the synthesis of the hormone that increases milk production, mucilage, vitamins and proteins advanced sürülmektedir.kull strength to provide support nutrient content: 1 tsp fenugreek seeds 250 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes, you can drink up to three cups a day after brewing . * Eat Stinging Nettle. nettle leaves, vitamins (A, Bl, B6, B12, C and K), proteins and minerals (silicon, zinc, manganese) are rich. In addition, the immune system destekler.kull description: You can drink lemon nettle leaf tea as the brew. * To meet your need calcium and protein you consume daily 5 cups of milk or yogurt. * Vitamins, minerals and fiber you need to consume five servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables a day. One serving of fruit is 1 apple or 1 pear fruit average size of 150-200 g. 1 serving of cooked vegetable dish is a plate of vegetables. * Animal origin must be able to get enough eggs for protein, please pay attention to your intake of meats and cheeses. What are the benefits of breastfeeding, how to increase breast milk is, what are the foods that increase breast milk, how to increase breast milk,


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