Fat varieties of fruit crops and the benefits of herbs

a.) RIVER ISLAND: cleanses the skin. Our skin care and nutrition also play a role. prevent sweating, bathing in water use because it is good for sore muscles. I chewed for bad breath to the amount. Boil the leaves is used for dyeing hair. Dried sage for teeth whitening powder mixed with salt getirelerek beyazlaması provided by rubbing the teeth.
b) STRAWBERRY TREE: Normal or dry skin, is useful. Skin of the fruit juice is very beneficial. The benefits of trees are going to be strawberry ..
c) tincture of ASİLBENT: Asilbent tincture is obtained from the asilbent trees. Moisturizing lotion in this tincture in the cleansing cream, antiseptic and tonic tincture as a preservative place every cilt'e alır.Asilbent useful. Close to slight injuries is helpful in differential.
d) AT CHESTNUT: Eye is located on the edge of the treatment of wrinkles in the cheeks is also used to thin blood vessels. After receiving a fine horse-chestnut shell after the plane is put into jars. Superior enough to cover the almond oil and pure olive oil is added. I wait in the sun after months and will use strained. Dry skin, enlarged pores and skin who can benefit from the medicinal plant oils.
e) avocado: avocado green, brown is the oil. A simple non-perishable yağ'dır good. Junction A, B, D, E, H, K, P, vitamins also lecithin, histidine, phytosterol, chlorophyll and protein, because the benefits are excellent aesthetically. Protect and nourish the skin, especially dry skin advice edilir.Avokado 's need for oil well water in many creams and sun lotions in the oil is located. Its main role is useful in limited space, this fruit is grown in our country. With rich content is very useful for human health.


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