Constipation Constipation healing herbs

Constipation problem is not actually complete the case as we know. Some people had the problem of constipation and defecation is said that can not be made between three days or five days to think. Constipation, but varies depending on the human body system. Three times the normal daily fecal excretion of some counts, some five times per week, while others count 2 times per week.
Hypothyroidism that inadequate study of the thyroid gland, diabetes and rheumatic diseases may be constipation while. Disorders of the intestine, strictures, and in diseases that cause obstruction or constipation may occur.
In fact, is said constipation is less than a week would be at least two or more. Constipation is not hard or difficult bowel movements are not able to do. If a% is normal pressure during defecation. In all the stools? lik zone is seen as normal. In women than men are more constipation problems.
How to defecate normally happens: When we eat two or three hours in the digestive system sends waste to the colon, the toxins that have become waste as a stool between two to five days we will discharge. This system is the system normally.
Liquid stools before the start of the large intestine, while advances in liquid absorbed as a liquid and solidify the right-hand turn through the large intestine. Position is stored in the left colon.
Constipation those reasons and remedies
Excessive amount of caffeine in poor nutritional habits get, such as irregular eating habits
That inadequate dietary fiber fiber
Insufficient exercise
Receiving inadequate fluid
Voluntary bowel movements to prevent
Stress and anxiety
Pregnancy Changes in life or routine such as travel
Side effects of drugs used
İlritabıl bowel syndrome
Causing obstruction of the bowel disease, cancer, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis
Surgical treatment of intra-abdominal adhesions, Hirschsprung's disease
Systemic diseases were the
Diseases that cause constipation:
Colonic Diseases
- Irritable bağırsk syndrome
- Colonic Cancer
- Diverticulitis
- Crohn's Disease
- Continuous use of laxatives
- Pelvic floor damage
- Anal disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Parkinson's disease
- Stroke
- Spinal cord injury
- Psödoobstrüksiyon
- Pregnancy
- Diabetes
- Thyroid Disease Goitre
- Parathyroid diseases
- Uremia
Systemic diseases
- Amyloidosis
- Lupus
- Scleroderma