Monday, September 20, 2010


The food we have eaten all the calories, the calories, some people win harcıyabiliyorlar. Either employed, not in a particular job, those with an irregular life. Friends actually simple to burn calories. Simple calorie burning moves. Slimming to lose weight, gain weight easy, just needed a regular system. I will give general health information in the table below which there bilgileri.kalori Would you like to learn how you burn calories? You're welcome to look down ...
CALORiE TABLE : The.Length of the work: the amount of calories expended15 min 18 calories skate30 min 14 calories to play the piano15 min 18 calories to climb stairs15 min 6 calories to wash dishes15 min 26 calories jump rope15 min drive30 min37.5 calories an hour75 calories150 calories30 min to dance1 hour75 calories150 calories30min gardening 150 calories30 min aerobic210 calories an hour410 calories30 min cycling315 calories an hour630 caloriesRowing 30 mins 210 caloriesThe work stand 30 min105 calories an hour210 calories15 min to move goods30 mins 120 calories240 calories30 min using a computer1 hour and 45 calories90 caloriesTake a shower 15 min 37.5 calories15 min to clean30 min 52.5 calories105 calories30 min kitchen jobs1 hour 75 calories150 calories30 mins 117 calories playing tennisSleep 15 mins 21 calories15 min 21 calories watching TV117 calories 20 minutes to play bowling20 min 72 calories to walk261 calories 30 minutes to play basketball 324 calories 30 min swim186 calories an hour playing volleyball20 mins 114 calories to step318 calories an hour to play golf


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