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Heir Causes, Treatment Solutions for

Heir Causes, Solutions for the Treatment of Varicose What is it?
Varicose veins, a disease caused by expansion due to various reasons. Varicose disease, a fatal disease if not permanent, and painful disease. But for a long time after this, the treatment will cause an infection can lead to death. Heir vein blood flow in areas with generally apply process can not advance and return. Impairs blood flow to certain areas Buddha more than the amount of blood causes.
How Varicose disease makes the difference?Varicose vein disease, there are several methods to realize. One of the most significant areas where the veins of green or red rash. This type of varicose vein disease, suggest that rash. Another method is to learn whether or not the disease, varicose veins by ultrasound.
What are the symptoms of varicose veins?Symptoms of varicose veins in the feet and hands often become visible veins take the blood circulation due to non-performance of some section of skin wrinkles, depressions in the skin inward, in some areas, swelling, pain, itching and cramps are.
What are the reasons heir?Genetic causes of disease, varicose veins ways, obesity, vascular disease, or people who have suffered diseases that cause the disease to occur.
How the treatment of varicose veins?Treatment of varicose veins in many ways. The degree of varicose vein disease and illness to be treated primarily composed of the region must be known. According to this information applicable to a variety of known methods of treatment. Treatment methods and some drug therapy, diuretic therapy, antibiotic therapy and laser therapy. In general, drug therapy, and diuretic therapy in patients with varicose veins are referred to unexpanded. In patients with a high degree of antibiotic therapy and laser treatment of varicose veins are used. Receive the laser therapy treatments for the fastest result. Among the most costly treatment of laser therapy.
Use of compression stockings
The greatest benefit of varicose vein socks, your legs to prevent swelling of the legs and help blood flow rate.
In this regard include the following considerations;Varicose sock is not own by the time that you have specified, use zarfınca time recommended by your doctor.Varicose edin.Ancak sure to wear socks in the morning before getting out of bed during the day if necessary to remove the socks, your feet slightly elevated for a while before using them again after holding uzanın.Daha giyebilirsiniz.Varis not need to use socks at bedtime.
Other Important Considerations
If you want to use socks varicose veins for a long time, wearing and removing necessarily have to pay attention.Çorabınızı wrinkle careful not to leave, because the crease where your leg stockings squeezes the blood stream, this can be an obstacle.Wash for at least 1 time per week.But definitely the hot water when washing, washing machine, use detergent.Turn the mold upside down socks and a white wash with soap and warm water rinse, Do not Do not


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