Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to shock First Aid?

How to shock First Aid?
Shock: blood circulation due to lack of tissue and organs (especially the brain), a sufficient amount of blood in the body hayatli socunu not go to a decrease in activity.

Causes of shock
1-excessive bleeding (the most common cause of traffic accidents)
2-Heart Failure
3-Injuries, burns
4-Pain, fear
5-Poisoning, food, drug allergy
6-Some infectious diseases
7-blood sugar, decrease or increase
8-severe diarrhea

Symptoms of shock
1-Body temperature decrease
2-pale skin color
3-cold sweats
An increase in the number of 4-Pulse - slimming
Increased number of 5-Respiratory slimming
6-Fatigue, irritability, loss of consciousness, fainting.

Practice First Aid How to shock?
1-If you have bleeding stopped immediately.
The patient is brought up to 2-shock.

Shock position: the patient flat on his back two legs of 30-40 cm above the floor yatırılır.Her be removed and the patient's consciousness increases the amount of blood to the brain due to the position opens.

How to shock First Aid?

3-end, the patient's body temperature korunur.Bu is covered up.
4-konuşularak consciousness of the patient to remain open will be provided, and inspire confidence in him.
5-are shipped to the hospital.


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