Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is an abortion, Techniques What?

What is abortion? In short, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, abortion is called the termination process. Early and appropriate conditions have little risk of the transaction is made by a physician specialist. To have an abortion, a decision that should be considered serious. In particular need to evaluate your partner and family member. The doctor is an experienced specialist doctors to perform abortion, abortion may be attributable to minimize risks and ensure the safe completion of the operation.

What are the methods and techniques of abortion?
Abortion yapılabilir.Günümüzde applied in many ways, easier and less risky than vacuum aspiration technique, which is recognized as kullanılır.Bir times with disposable plastic cannulas, abortion, pregnancy termination in a short time short and the patient's ongoing complaints related to the procedure to get rid of as soon as possible to normal life revolves.
Although pregnancy is delayed by abortion in our country the legal limit on the more complex and risky olur.Kürtajın week of pregnancy. Abortion should be made with the consent of the patient. Abortion for minors under 18 is prohibited by law. Can be done with the consent of parents. The patient's rights shall be kept confidential.
How to start an abortion, is made?
Abortion begins with a pelvic exam and ultrasound. After the urine of the patient examination room geçilir.Özel person at the table that the optimal position for lithotomy position is reached. Abortion can be done with general or local anesthesia. Local anesthetic drug is injected into each side of the cervix. Local anesthesia may be painful. General anesthesia, the patient does not suffer. The risk of complications is reduced. Psychologically for the affected patient seen.
General anesthesia, intravenous opens with a thin catheter. Drug is given by the anesthesiologist. After the speculum is placed in the patient slept. The cervix is ​​visible. Instrument, called the cervix with a single tooth is kept. Making straight gear is provided by pulling a single uterus. Instrument called the spark plug of the cervix is ​​expanded. Providing a negative pressure through a nozzle mounted in the space left in the plastic cannula through the cervix.
After moving to the cannula, the vacuum pressure is provided by opening a special syringe bağlanır.Düğme. Moving back and forth to clean the uterus. Make sure that the parts had survived after the cannulas are removed. If the bleeding is stopped by applying pressure. The uterus is washed with antiseptic solutions. The patient is woken. To make sure that pregnancy is completely terminated, is controlled by ultrasound.
Pregnancy after abortion
Abortion is one who is most likely to not to be pregnant later on, if the womb during an abortion düşüktür.Ancak If a perforation, an infection after the abortion occurred, and these tubes due to infection as a bottleneck, such as adhesion problems occurred in the womb, pregnant, staying more in the future difficulties experienced. In such cases it will be possible in the pregnancy after treatment.
Before enrolling in abortion, and once you have ..
The patient may be prescribed antibiotics, pain killers and stop bleeding. Seven or ten days after the patient is called control. 're Living with your spouse, or go to the center on abortion done. Five hours before you eat anything. Inform your doctor if you have Kullandğınız drugs and chronic illness. Wish you all healthy.


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