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Pears alias, for smooth textures, "butter fruit" Did you know that?
Pears Story What is it?
Pyrus L
Pears is part of the rose family. There are 3,000 known varieties, but today only three type of pear tree is usually the fruit we consume. United States, Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, comic, Seckel and Forelle pears species sees quite popular.
History of Pears
Stone is used as a food source is thought to pear Period. Pear probable origin of southeast Asia and Europe. BC, China in October records Followed until 5000. Pears in the vicinity has seen in demand in Europe in the seventeenth century. On
the eighth century, "Twelve Day of Christmas," immortalized by next Christmas anthem partridge pear tree. 1620 colonies in the northeast of America's first pear tree planting has undergone attempted to failure because of poor growing climates. Pear-tree
more remote western Oregon and Washington man put up a much better jobs and 1800 there serpilmişlerdir since.
Pears Grows Where?
Pear leader in the production countries Turkey, China, United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and France. Ninety-five percent of the pears are sold in the United States, Washington, Oregon and Northern
Also grown in California.
Pear Yemeliyim Why?
One medium pear than half a glass of orange juice
contains more vitamin C and potassium. Most pears can be solved by an average of pectins and lignanlardan contains four grams of fiber. Pears also a powerful antioxidant photochemical packages.
Natural Medicines
Pears, throughout history, digestive disorders, spasms, fever reduction, such as is used for a variety of health challenges. Currently pear fruit is used as a blood stopper.
Full One Life Saving!
SPUTUM REMOVER: A study conducted in Singapore and the main fruit that dietary fiber increases the risk of lung cancer found an association between reduction. Such as quercetin and catechin in pear with nonproductive cough, particularly high flavonoidli
There was an inverse relationship between fruit.
WEIGHT LOSS: A study diets high in fruits such as pears and apples that women between the ages of 30 and 50 found that help in weight loss. At the end of 12 weeks, women who consume apples and pears suffered an average loss of 1.3 pounds. This
work at the same time, two pieces of fruit consumption in women significantly decreased blood glucose and cholesterol observed.
Pear-Related Tips
• Pears, the best way to harvest a single fruit tree.
• Hard and spotless Choose pears.
• brown paper bags to ripen pears quickly
sheep and keep them at room temperature.
• ripe Bartlett pears turn from green to yellow.
• maturity of the end of the handle with your thumb to control the press (if a little softer in the pear dokunduğunuz
ready to eat).
• Pears should be stored at room temperature until matured.
• Mature pears can be stored in the refrigerator up to 3 to 5 days.
• Wash and eat, eat ... Shell will supply your body with more fiber.
• Dried armutlarda more fiber and potassium, less C
contains vitamin.
• juicy ripe pear butter, oatmeal or yogurt doğraym.ya
Add to salads and fruit.
• Pear green salad or fruit salad favorite addition-
• Fry the pears in the oven and sprinkle with cinnamon for a sweet treat.
Simple Baked Pears
Cynthia Sass
Service: 2 people • Preparation and cooking time: 40dk
This recipe includes three pieces of energizing nutrients.
1 medium-size ripe pears
l tablespoon raisins
l tablespoon maple syrup
l cloves pinch freshly grated
l 'A tablespoon of water and coconut
Pre-heated 375 degree oven. Maple laitance, juice and spices in a small bowl add the grapes that dry completely tiger. Press the grout Maple raisins 20 minutes. Wash the pears and remove core. Remove dry grapes and pear mid-
Place the Test. Maple sides of laitance and pour over pear. Hearted glass baking dish with foil about 20 minutes or until tender Fry in 375 degrees.
Calories: 90, Total Fat: Ogr; Saturated fat: Ogr; Cholesterol: Omg;
Sodium: Omg, Total Carbohydrates: 23 g, Fiber: 2 grams; Sugar: 18gr;
Protein: Ogr.