Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sex Hormone allows women to keep the brain young

A study carried out for women entering menopause, women receiving hormone parties to the left and right brains work together very well it performs in tests that measure revealed.
Their sex hormones in postmenopausal women suggests that the brain rejuvenating effect.
Psychologists from the University of Durham, is produced naturally in the brains of young women is similar to the results is remarkable.
Findings of the research published in the journal Hormones and Behavior, who lived the period of menopause between the ages of 46 to 71 including 62 women.
36 All of these women are having hormone therapy used in the right hands.
During testing of brain motor co-ordination of women to fulfill their duties, especially in the hands of both right and left, some fingers were asked to press some buttons.
Researchers, both hands can be shown to be equally active in the brain piece the two can work together as a result of seeing more.
Results, sex hormones of the brain by creating a transition between the left and right parts of the mutual Interaction between the two tracks reveal that they promote.
Dr. Durham University research team leaders. Markus Hausmann, "Sex hormones, brain activity, so işlevsellerdir and not just sexual or reproductive behavior, the influence of cognitive behavior," he said.
Hausman, "enabling women to share the load on both sides of the brain ages, sex hormones are more effective in protecting the brain against stroke or other illnesses may make" trying to answer the question, but stressed that this issue should do more comprehensive studies.
Leeds University psychologist Dr. Daryl O'Connor, signs, beyond the effects of sex hormones and sexual and reproductive behavior is capable of showing that it has rated it as very important findings.
Dr. O'Connor, previous studies of sex hormones in the brain functions of spatial skills and memory challenges koruyabildiklerini said.
However, Dr. O'Connor, the sex hormones may protect women against stroke and other brain damage is too early to tell opinion.
A million women in the UK over the age of menopause 40'nin to alleviate the effects of sex hormones, also called HRT, they believed.


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