Monday, December 13, 2010

Facial wrinkles

Starting from a given age over time by changing the shape of the skin kırışmasıdır ongoing. For this recommendation:a) by one handful of wild thyme, rose, plantain, sword grass, yabangülü, hibiscus, chamomile, and a rough camomileplaced on the five cups of boiled water is added. After cooling necessary with the help of a cottonis applied to regions.b) A kabartılıp cream mixed with egg whites. Oneremoved and added to the mixture of cucumber juice small 'is.Clean-face mask is applied. Face after 20 minutes, washed with mineral water.c) by one dash of melted wax, honey, bitter almond oilsesame seeds in a bowl and put the root of the consistency of ointmentface until it is mixed and applied.d) ab Scrambled eggs, doomed to face wrinkleparts of the cream is applied, such as probable or kırışması. Waiting up to 20 minutes until drythen washed with warm water.e) One egg yolk, after waiting 3-5 dropsdropped face is washed with water and lemon.f) In a bowl, an egg white, good olive oil 20 grams, 15 gramsbay water and 10 grams of alum (fine crushed) whippedare mixed and turned into cream. Then a cheeseclothplastered with the remote a little electric heater and heated in cheesecloth. Although a slight warm paste on cloth katılaşıncaput-to-face. Removed and the face is washed with warm water after 20 minutes.g) by one pinch of bitter almond oil, melted wax and sesame seedsenough to put a bowl of honey added to the root offace to be brought to the consistency of ointment applied.