Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hygiene & Toiletry

Excellent toilet must accept that it is not possible to go to the toilet  everywhere all the time. Then we have made a tiny cloth bag vedalaştığımız 33 months of age. Mother & daughter share (really not very large, medium-sized enter each bag) bag
- wet wipes
- dry wipes
- 1 pad / pad
- small-sized disinfectant spray (bought from abroad, began to be sold at major pharmacies - you see is perhaps appropriate-sized spray bottle of diluted head can çamaşırsuyu)
- toilet lid paper (ten packs available)
There. Very useful to us that we enter is comfortable in almost any toilet.

Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Distributor of pouches including feminine hygiene & toiletry kits. Hygiene & toiletry kit pouch contents include 2 tampons, 3 maxi pads, 4 hand towelettes, 1 disposable bag, & 4 feminine wipes. Pouches can be personalized when quantities of more that 25 are ordered.


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