Monday, December 13, 2010

Apparel clothing, dress, dress

especially women who are obsessed with clothes and a point well-kept. clothing, dress, dressof things that we value today.Worn with all kinds of press articles on the Arabic plural of laundry. basic books of Islam, the religion of Adam the first man and first prophet Excellency-I and the relevant portions dokumayla leaflet sent by the Almighty Allahu Excellency Adam-i and multiply it to him dress worn by believers, that is, örtündükleri reported. The clothes, the exact form and today is known about the shapes.
Historical research and the various objects found in excavations, according to the seasons and the simple clothing is emerging. Again these are understood by men and women there was no difference between the clothing. This difference increased over time. Ancient Greece to drop a lot of men on the job, to thin waist, at an early age, boys belts installed mine, hands, bracelet, necklace necks insertion
appeared in the form. In contrast to these Egyptians, especially in the Middle Ages men giyinirlerdi very simple, unlike the antiquity of man to show himself a nice dress and embroidered dresses that the popularity of so much attention that time. rulers throughout Europe, each decorated with rich embroidered dresses, showing very popular. The Queen and the nobles emulated the 18th diktirdikleri dresses hundred years, came into fashion soon spread among the people.
Men wear pants, 18 began to face the end of the year. At the beginning of the twentieth century, women used corsets to slim elegant look. Scattering off each passing year, women, fashion was seen as the fulfillment by the society in epidemic disease. films, television behind each
entry into the house, such as actress and famous are dressing yaygınlaştırdı curiosity. Controlling outbreaks of certain international fashion houses, clothing, types of change through all seasons, under the influence, leaving millions of people around the world to have unnecessary expenses by finding large quantities of sums are won.
In this century, such a radical change in men's clothing and be seen for women. Generally, pants, jacket, clothes not only in the form of changing the format.
Without the Turks and became a Muslim after the clothing will be different. veiling of women in Islam is an important issue, Seljuks and Ottomans have been very careful about it. Now the big cities at that time as well as differences in terms of clothing was seen between the villages of Anatolia. In particular, precious fabrics in Istanbul yapılmışşık dresses worn by ladies, graced museums. Europeans of Turkish women wear no benzemezdi street. Turkey
yeldirmeler long-skirted women, were wearing feraceler. Kaparlardı their heads completely. Place in their bodies would not appear. Europe would have been cause for various reasons, the elegance of women from Giyimdeki hayranlıklarına. Turkish women wear, elegance, simplicity had continued for centuries. Anatolian women's clothing is changed according to region, but the simplicity asılda edegelmiştir continue until the day the museum.
As for the clothes of men of every class had its own unique clothing. Common feature in them that they were comfortable. Spike rather than baggy pants, wearing collarless shirt called Minta. Reforms to the European influence is seen in women as in men fully felt.
Today, fashion draft, especially by women and are strictly complied with other formalities. Continue the old traditions and customs of the villages and small areas of Anatolia ettiriyorlarsa residents of large cities, particularly in the European way dressed. In addition, art okullarınca prepared, taking advantage of the former by fashion models, fashion designers are appreciated by the Turks.


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