Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What is the Boogeyman

What is the nightmare is what I will tell you you’re wondering. First we have gone through their own and then tell you the real causes of this event, I will write this.
People between the Boogeyman flushes (nightmare crash), the so-called is not the case. Boogeyman (goncoloz) is also. Normally during sleep at night and comes out on you. feel the crash upon you according to the state. For example, my shoes I can feel the weight starts to fall apart, but never something I can not come up. I can now my eyes half. My voice does not. restricted freedom to move. When the lattice up to the chest as if having trouble breathing that sounds like it is drowning in a moment …
Friends I also have a nightmare situation to capture the event. Do you know this situation is a nightmare I do not know if you can sink, but it can make all your business or whatever you want. If you’re wondering how he kept.
Night terrors are değiştirebilr shape of cats, dogs, horses, oxen, the victim, was seen in cases I know
You may be infested nightmare. Hergece Hergece may crash on you. These conditions are often experienced situations. Some are completely different, “years before the nightmare every night when my uncle between the ages of 15 20 gelirmiş eziyetonu uncle at night, my uncle out of bed in the morning can not afford to come make it all his body violently persecuted.
Boogeyman CAPTURE


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